Options for Glamping at Holycombe



Gypsy Caravan Carmen

Yurt Yami and extra boudoir

Airstream Ana

The Bell Tents


The idea of glamping is that you have an experience that is a little more luxorious and quirky than bringing your own tent and camping, but you still get the benefits of sleeping outside and convenience. You will see that our prices are considerably lower than most sites, this is because you will need to bring your own bedding such as duvet cover to go over ours, , sheets, pillow cases and towels.(We supply duvets and pillows) If glamping sounds like something that interests you, we have a number of options available. There is a minimum 2 night booking at the weekends, at other times, one night is fine. Prices include all fees and the use of the facilities.

As you will see, some of our glamping structures are still under construction. . Please click on the different options at the top of the page to read about what we have available and the cost. You can book these structures using the booking page.




Cotswolds Camping

Holycombe, Whichford Castle Moat

Glamping at Cotswolds Camping at Holycombe

Yurt Yami

Gypsy Caravan Carmen

Airstream Ana

Exclusively for our glampers


Our glamping shower room and loo.