Campsite Rules

Cotswolds Camping

Holycombe, Whichford Castle Moat



Rules developed by the Local Planners and Historic England (*) in consultation with the owners.


1.HOLYCOMBE Campsite is designated a quiet campsite and is specifically for the use of customers who appreciate its quietness. Rules 2 – 11 are designed to ensure this.

2.No Children under the age of 12 are allowed to stay on the site.

3.No Music, musical instruments, radios &c, whether amplified or not allowed on the site.

4.No Dogs are allowed on the site.

5.No Groups of more than 5 people are allowed on site.

6.There can be no stag or hen parties.

7.There can be no weddings.

8.There can be no fireworks or Chinese lanterns used.

9.There will be no noise between 11pm and 7am

10.There will be no vehicle movements between 11pm and 7am.

11.There will be no more than 40 campers in their own tents.

12.There will be no more than an additional 26 campers using our Glamping Sites.

13.There will be no more than 10 small campervans on site on any one night.

14.No caravans are allowed on site.

15.No cars to be parked on the roads outside. Additional parking may take place next the House.

16.Camping is restricted to the areas designated by signposts.

17.Visitors to the site must book on line even if they arrive late.

18.Fires on the Scheduled Ancient Monument must only be lit in FIRE BASKETS.

19.Rubbish to be taken home or put in decent black bags (provided) & left in the trailer.

20.There are four open-air fire-points containing seven fire extinguishers.

21.There are fire extinguishers and fire blankets in the camping kitchen.

22.Major or Urgent Complaints should be made to: 01608 684239 or 07974 080013.

23.Minor complaints, suggestions and other feedback are welcomed on feedback forms.

24.Other communications can be made either through the website or to

25.There will be no camping in the main house garden other than gazebo/tree house glamping.

26.In the event of torrential rain causing flooding, you may be asked to leave the site and you will be expected to re-park your car on hard standing by the main house or near the site entrance.


* Historic England is the government agency responsible for the maintenance of Scheduled Ancient Monuments. The Campsite occupies the SAM of Whichford’s Norman Castle.