Cotswolds Camping

Holycombe, Whichford Castle Moat


Please note we are closed on Saturday 23rd June for 1 night as we are having a private party


Our campsite is designed for those looking for a peaceful, rustic, outdoor experience, surrounded by nature and history.


To camp, you can bring your own tent or van (see the Pitches page for further information) or hire our Yurt, Gypsy Caravan, or Airstream(see the gorgeous Glamping page and photos for more information).


Camping Fees are £10 per adult (age 19+) per night and £5 per child (12 to 18 years) per night. To make a booking, please use the Bookings page.


We do allow campervans but not motorhomes. Here are the specifiactions from the council "Small camper vans are permitted and shall not exceed a weight of 3.5 tons, shall not have twin rear axles and shall not measure more than 6.25m in length, 2.22m in width and 2.77m in height when closed"


We do not allow groups due to the amount of nosie that is generated when a group of people get together. There is maximum of 5 people (over the age 12 and over) per booking, and you are only able to make one booking per party.


The history of the site


This is the ancient site of Whichford Castle, an English Heritage scheduled ancient monument. The moat is still there. Before the Normans, we know there was a Roman settlement as a Roman conduit leads from the wood to the moat. There was an excavation of the site in 1954 and a plan is in the camping kitchen for you to see. If you want to learn more about the history during your stay, you can visit The Market Hall Museum, Warwick, where there is more information about the site.

The campsite vibe


Our campsite is family run and in the grounds of Holycombe Holistic Retreat Centre and to ensure that all our guests have the quiet, peaceful experience they expect from Holycombe, we have designated our site a “Quiet Campsite”. In order to achieve this we only take families, couples and singles. We do not allow unaccompanied teenagers or groups. Up until 2014 our campsite has been a family campsite with no groups of more than 5 adults and we have welcomed children of all ages. Most children are a joy to have around but unfortunately the one's that aren't have a very disturbing effect on our Holistic Retreat Centre and also on our elderly neighbours in the village. We regret that, because of this, we have been forced to limit our campsite to adults and children age 12 and over only. However, on the positive side, we can now guarantee that the campsite is a more peaceful venue and will particularly suit anyone who would prefer a children-free environment or who simply want to enjoy an exceptionally beautiful and historic place So, that's a maximum of 5 people (over the age 12 and over) per booking, and you are only able to make one booking per party. We do not allow people to play music, so, no radios, CDs or ipod docs, drums or other instruments. Bring your earplugs if you are sensitive to the sounds of church bells as they chime every 15 minutes. You can have fires here provided that they are in the fire baskets (we provide them but you are welcome to bring your own) and we sell wood for £4 a bag. Anyone disturbing the tranquility of the site will be politely asked to leave.


We do not have a reception so when you turn up just set up where ever feels right and start to enjoy the surroundings.